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Youth Basketball Rules Supplement

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Youth Basketball Rules Supplement

Post  Commissioner on Sun Sep 22, 2013 6:16 pm

(The league directors have the right to amend rules if they feel it positively affects most of the enrollment and safety)
1) Cursing/taunting is /personal/technical and team foul (Cannot call timeout during free throws)
2) Teams can start and finish games with 4 Players
3) Clock: Four 8 Minute Quarters, Clock Stops for timeouts (3 per team)
Stop Time (unless a 20 point spread) in last minute of game for all whistles and made baskets under 30 seconds.
In 4th Quarter, shooting fouls will stop clock if point spread is less than 10 points in last 3 minutes of the game.
4) No pressing when team is leading by 12 or more/one warning... then technical and team fouls.
5) One minute Stop Time Overtimes (One timeout each/No carryovers)
6) 6 Fouls to Foul Out
7) 4 Point Shot from Half Court (Last Minute of Half) Player gets $5.00 if made.
8 )  No Double Bonus in First half (Shoot one and one unless shooting foul)
9) Point a Minute Rule for Teams 10 Minutes Late
10) If team cancels or forfeits on day of game, they must add $20 forfeit fee to next referee fee
11) We shoot the free throws during double technical fouls (clock Runs)
12) 4th Grade Division: When leading by 12 or more… Teams must back up behind their own free throw line as opponent brings ball up (No Press Rule/One Warning …then 2 Technicals) .
13) League cannot make up games because teams are not available on the designated dates the league plays on.
14) Full Referee fees must be paid at Halftime…otherwise game will not continue.
15) If a player’s eligibility is being question…coaches must be able to provide proof of age.
16) All players must fill out the Old Style Leagues Registration Form otherwise teams can be assessed technical foul(s).
17) Ejections automatically come with at least a one game suspension (League officials decide the length of all suspensions).

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